Channel 29: UGC-INFLIBNET (PG Subject's & YOGA)
Course : P03. Design of experiments and sample surveys , Target USER : PG
No Title Duration Author Author's Affiliation Language Video
1 M-01. Block design analysis I
2 M-02. Block design analysis II
3 M-03. Block design analysis III
4 M-04. Balanced incomplete block design I
5 M-05. Balanced incomplete block design II
6 M-06. Balanced incomplete block design III
7 M-07. Balanced incomplete block design IV
8 M-08. Factorial designs I
9 M-09. Factorial designs II
10 M-10. Factorial designs III
11 M-11. Factorial designs IV
12 M-12. Response surface methodology I
13 M-13. Response surface methodology II
14 M-14. Response surface methodology III
15 M-15. Some introductory concepts: CRD
16 M-16. Some introductory concepts: random effects additive model
17 M-17. Some introductory concepts
18 M-18. Some introductory concepts -II
19 M-19. Some introductory concept: RBD and LSD
20 M-20. Block design
21 M-21. Discussion on some problems
22 M-22. Estimation of N
23 M-23. Randomized response technique
24 M-24. Randomized response technique
25 M-25. Recapitulation of SRSWR and SRSWOR
26 M-26. Recapitulation of SRSWR and SRSWOR
27 M-27. Stratified random sampling
28 M-28. Unequal probability sampling
29 M-29. Unequal probability sampling IV
30 M-30. Unequal probability sampling I
31 M-31. Unequal probability sampling II
32 M-32. Unequal probability sampling V
33 M-33. Factorial design V
34 M-34. Estimation of
35 M-35. Discussion on Some Problems related to Sample Survey-I
36 M-36. Discussion on some problem related to Sample Survey-II
37 M-37. Discussion on Some Problems related to Sample Survey-III
38 M-38. Special topic:Estimation of size of a finite population with a difference
39 M-39. An Advance Topic in Randomized Response Technique [RRT

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