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Electrical, Electronics and Communication & related branches

Program Starting Date (19-OCT-2020)

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  • Morning Shift: 08:00hrs to 16:00hrs
  • Evening Shift: 1st Repeat (16:00hrs to 24:00hrs)
  • Night Shift: 2nd Repeat (00:00hrs to 08:00hrs)

Courses (21) Details

Sr No. Code Course Name Content Schedule
1 E01 Microwave Integrated Circuits
2 E02 Analog Circuits
3 E03 Digital Signal Processing
4 E04 Signals and Networks
5 E05 Introduction to Electronics
6 E06 Semiconductor Devices
7 E07 Introduction to Electrical Engineering
8 E08 Introduction to Electrical Engineering
9 E09 E9-Operations Research-I
10 E10 Digital Circuits
11 E11 Electrical Machines - I
12 E12 Basic Electrical Circuits
13 E13 Power Electronics
14 E14 Industrial Instrumentation
15 E15 Embedded System
16 E16 Digital Communication
17 E17 Nonlinear Dynamical Systems
18 E18 Networks Signals and Systems
19 E19 Control Engineering
20 E20 Industrial Drives- Power Electronics
21 E21 Digital Signal Processing