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Program Starting Date (19-OCT-2020)

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  • Morning Shift: 08:00hrs to 16:00hrs
  • Evening Shift: 1st Repeat (16:00hrs to 24:00hrs)
  • Night Shift: 2nd Repeat (00:00hrs to 08:00hrs)

Courses (24) Details

Sr No. Code Course Name Content Schedule
1 G1 Conservation Economics
2 G2 Introduction to R Software
3 G3 Micro Economics
4 G4 Folk and Minor Art in India
5 G5 Western Political Philosophy
6 G6 Introduction to Literary Theory
7 G7 Sustainable Engineering
8 G8 Soil Technology
9 G9 Organizational Behaviour
10 G10 Operations and Supply Chain Management
11 G11 Formal Semantics
12 G12 Science, Technology and Society: Dynamics of Interrelations
13 G13 Child Development and Learning
14 G14 Better Spoken English
15 G15 Design Lab I
16 G16 Crop Production Technology
17 G17 Aspects of Western Philosophy
18 G18 Enhancing Soft Skills & Personality
19 G19 Gender and Society
20 G20 Understanding political ideology
21 G21 Micro-Economics
22 G22 Academic Writing
23 G23 Chemical Process Calculations
24 G24 Animal Physiology