Channels and allocation

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Channels 01-10 are managed by CEC, New Delhi. National Coordinator is Prof. Jagat Bhushan Nadda, Director, CEC, New Delhi.

1 Channel 01: CEC/UGC: Humanities- 1, Language and Literature EMRC, EFLU, Hyderabad,
Prof. K. Venkat Reddy The Swayamprabha Humanities Ch...Read More
2 Channel 02: CEC/UGC: Humanities- 2, Arts, History,Philosophy and related Subjects CEC, New Delhi Mr. Nageshwar Nath “Learn as if you are going t...Read More
3 Channel 03: CEC/UGC: Social Science -1, Sociology, Political Science and related subjects EMRC Jodhpur,
Prof. Kamlesh Purohit Learning gives creativity, cre...Read More
4 Channel 04: CEC/UGC: Social Science - 2, Education, Psychology, Home Science and related subjects CEC, New Delhi Mr. Nageshwar Nath “You can teach a student for...Read More
5 Channel 05: CEC/UGC: Social Science - 3, Management, Library Science, Information Science and related subjects MCRC Jamia Milia,
Prof. Iftekhar Ahmad “Learning gives creativity, ...Read More
6 Channel 06: CEC/UGC: Social Science - 4, Law, Legal Studies, Human Rights and related subjects EMRC Patiala,
Dr. Gurmeet S. Maan -
7 Channel 07: CEC/UGC: Economics, Commerce and Finance EMRC Ahmadabad,
Prof. B. V. Patel Swayam Prabha DTH Channel 7, E...Read More
8 Channel 08: CEC/UGC: Physical sciences, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and related Subjects EMRC ,University of Calicut,
Mr. D. Damodar Prasad The Channel-08- Swayamprabha D...Read More
9 Channel 09: CEC/UGC: Life Sciences, Botany, Zoology, Bio-Science and related subjects EMRC, Kashmir University, Srinagar,
Dr. Salima Jan The vision of the channel is t...Read More
10 Channel 10: CEC/UGC: Applied Sciences, Allied Physical and Chemical sciences and related subjects EMRC, Anna University, Chennai,
Dr. S. Gowri -

Channels 11 to 18 are Managed by NPTEL. National Coordinator: Prof. Kushal Sen, IIT Delhi

11 Channel 11: NPTEL: Chemical Engineering, Chemistry and related Subjects IIT Kharagpur Prof. Sunando DasGupta -
12 Channel 12: NPTEL: Civil Engineering and related subjects IIT Delhi Prof. B. Bhattacharjee -
13 Channel 13: NPTEL: Computer Science and Engineering IIT Kharagpur Prof. Anupam Basu -
14 Channel 14: NPTEL: Electrical engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering and related subjects IIT Delhi Prof. Shouri Chatterjee -
15 Channel 15: NPTEL: Engineering Sciences and general subjects for engineering IIT Madras Prof. K. Mangala Sunder -
16 Channel 16: NPTEL: Humanities, Social Sciences and Management IIT Kanpur Prof. Munmun Jha Channel 16 is funded by MHRD a...Read More
17 Channel 17: NPTEL: Mechanical Engineering and related subjects IIT Kanpur Prof. Shantanu Bhattacharya Channel 17 is an exclusively d...Read More
18 Channel 18: NPTEL: Mathematics, Physics, Metallurgy and related subjects IIT Tirupati / IIT Madras Prof. T. S Natarajan -

Channels 19 -22 are managed for high School students by IIT Delhi and is called IIT PAL. The National Coordinator is Prof. Ravi Soni, IIT Delhi

19 Channel 19: IIT PAL: Biology IIT PAL 1 IIT Delhi Prof. Aditya Mittal -
20 Channel 20: IIT PAL: Chemistry IIT PAL 2, IIT Delhi Prof. Ravi P. Singh -
21 Channel 21: IIT PAL: Mathematics IIT PAL 3. IIT Delhi Prof. Niladri Chatterjee -
22 Channel 22: IIT PAL: Physics IIT PAL 4, IIT Delhi Prof. J.P. Singh -

Channels 23 to 26 are managed by IGNOU New Delhi. The National Coordinator is Prof. Uma Kanjilal, IGNOU, New Delhi

23 Channel 23: IGNOU: Liberal Arts and Humanities IGNOU, New Delhi Prof. Anju Sehgal Gupta -
24 Channel 24: IGNOU: Agriculture, Vocational and Allied Sciences IGNOU, New Delhi Prof. M. K. Salooja Agriculture sector plays an im...Read More
25 Channel 25: IGNOU: Culture IGNOU, New Delhi Dr. Uma Kanjilal -
26 Channel 26: IGNOU: State Open Universities’ programs IGNOU, New Delhi Prof. P. K. Biswas -

Channels 27 and 28 are managed by the NIOS, New Delhi. The National Coordinator is Prof. C. B. Sharma, Chairman, NIOS

27 Channel 27: NIOS: Secondary School Education NIOS, New Delhi Sh. S. K. Prasad, JD (CBC), NIOS Vision Statement: Sustainable ...Read More
28 Channel 28: NIOS: Higher Secondary School Education NIOS, New Delhi Dr. Sandhya Kumar, DD (Academic), NIOS Vision Statement: Sustainable ...Read More

Channels 29 and 30 are managed QEEE, IIT Madras. Prof. Ahsok Jhunjhunwala, IIT Madras is the National Coordinator

29 Channel 29: QEEE: QEEE 1 (Live classes in Engineering and Technology) IIT Madras Prof. Ashok Jhunjhunwala -
30 Channel 30: NPTEL: Mathematics IIT Madras Dr. Mangal Sunder -

Channel 31 is managed by NCERT

31 Channel 31: NCERT: School and Teacher Education NCERT, New Delhi Prof. Amarendra Behera and Prof. Rajaram Sharma, Joint Director Sharma -

Channel 32 is managed by IGNOU and NIOS jointly

32 Channel 32: IGNOU and NIOS: Teacher Education IGNOU and NIOS, New Delhi Dr. Gaurav Singh, SEO, IGNOU -

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